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  • Automatic dispenser

    6-channel 12-hole dispenserProduct Description:The 6-channel 12-hole dispenser is widely used in reagent dispensing and laboratory liquid dispensing. The liquid dispensing volume can be set flexibly and individually. It is suitable for IVD reagent dispensing, drug development, cell therapy, immune analysis, universities, scientific research, and Sanfang Laboratory and other batches of 96-well deep-well plates, ELISA plates, cell culture plates, 48-well deep-well plates, 96-well PCR plates, 384-w

  • Automatic nucleic acid extractor

    Product Description:The 96 turntable automatic nucleic acid extractor adopts magnetic bead extraction technology, which is widely used in the quality control of a large number of samples in biological sample libraries, large-scale molecular sequencing platforms, clinical testing, disease control centers, blood transfusion safety, forensic identification, environmental microbial testing, food safety Detection, early prenatal screening of newborns, model animal platforms, genetically modified crop

  • Shenzhen Boyi Biotechnology Co. , Ltd.

    Company Profile Shenzhen Boyi Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is located on the 7th floor of the factory building, Canbo D Zone, No. 9, Mudun Road, Loucun Community, Xinhu Street, Guangming District, Shenzhen, which is at the forefront of rapid economic development. The company mainly deals in scientific research laboratory instruments, life science instruments, optical instruments, and chemical analysis instruments integrating software development, technology research and development, ass


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