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Product Detail

16-channel automatic nucleic acid extractor

Machine type


Sample flux 

1-16 channels optional

Mode of operation

Automated extraction of nucleic acids

Extraction principle

Magnetic bead extraction

Temperature range


Processing volume


Bar Magnet


Magnetic bead recovery


Processing Time

5-35min According to extraction requirements

Sampling mode

Manual injection

Blending mode

Up and down oscillating mixing, high, middle

 and low three gears programmable

Disinfection and sterilization methods

Independent professional UV sterilization

Built-in exhaust

Can avoid cross infection

Repeatable positioning accuracy


Power Supply

AC220V 50Hz

Starting Power


Room temperature


Body size


Body Weight


Commodity descriptio

Product description: BYHS-16ZX automatic nucleic acid extractor adopts magnetic bead extraction technology, which is widely used in enterprises and institutions in the fields of conventional scientific research, model animal platforms, genetically modified crops, animal husbandry, aquatic pets and other fields. It only takes 5-35 minutes to operate 1-16 samples at the same time. With lysis and elution, with different types of nucleic acid extraction reagents, it can quickly extract DNA and RNA from samples such as animal and plant tissues, blood, body fluids, and criminal materials to complete the experiment. Stable repeatability After tens of thousands of tests, the 16 permanent magnet magnet rods are magnetically stable, and the recovery rate of the magnetic beads is above 99%. In the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the China Food and Drug Administration and other units have been widely used to provide them with assistance in scientific research and practical applications.


1. Small size, flexible flux and complete functions

2. Stable performance, simple and generous appearance design

3. The extraction channel is flexible, reducing reagent waste

4. With functions of lighting, disinfection and ventilation

5. Move and carry at will

6. Can be used in clean benches or biological safety cabinets


Accurate temperature control-rapid heating, full lysis and elution

Fast extraction time-batch processing of 16 samples, the fastest only takes 5-35min

High magnetic bead recovery rate-magnetic bead recovery rate> 99%, high purity of nucleic acid extracted, support for follow-up experiments

Pollution control-built-in ultraviolet light for disinfection and purification to avoid harmful substances to the human body

Open reagents-the open platform is compatible with various magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction reagents on the market

Humanized interface-Program visualization, simple operation, free program editing

Chinese and English switching—programs can be switched between Chinese and English freely

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