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PCR 8-strip tube capper


The capper function is professionally designed for 8-tube PCR. The PCR cap is flattened down by a constant and stable pressure, which solves the problem of cross-contamination caused by manual capping, leakage, and volatile phenomena, and experiments caused by uneven effects. The problem of poor repeatability also solves the practical problem of difficult capping and slow capping. Suitable for 0.1ml, 0.2ml eight-tube PCR can complete 12 eight-tube PCR capping work at one time, real-time display of capping time, uniform pressure capping firm, uniform effect.

 Features of PCR 8-strip tube capper

1. The heat sealing and cold sealing capping functions are compatible, and users can freely set and choose to use.

2. Intelligent motor controls entry and exit of the hatch, and the closing time shows countdown.

3. The appearance is smart, the design is beautiful and generous, the volume is small and the function is complete.

4. The software design adopts color screen man-machine interface, easy to understand, easy to learn and easy to operate. Can bring its own product parameters.

5. The temperature rises rapidly from room temperature to 100°C within 60 seconds. Accurate temperature control and adjustable sealing plate temperature.

6. The pressure of the sealing plate can be set according to different deep-well plates, which is suitable for various types of micro-well plates and PCR tubes.

7. The system comes with a counting, automatic counting of the number of sealing films, and the function of clearing at any time.

8. Independent heating switch can meet the requirements of cold sealing, heat sealing and PCR capping.

9. Microprocessor temperature control, precise precision, and balanced structure of the heat-sealing plate to ensure the consistency of the sealing film effect.

10. The temperature of the heat-sealing plate and the heat-sealing time are precisely adjustable, and the adjustment range is 1°C/0.1 second respectively

11. Automatic standby energy saving, low carbon, the instrument will automatically enter the deep sleep mode when the set time is reached, and the heating function will be stopped to achieve the effect of energy saving and environmental protection. The heating button will be activated and the instrument will resume working status.

12. The installation is simple and does not require compressed air.

13. It can be equipped with different types of adapters, which makes the adaptable consumables more diversified and the instrument is more widely used.

14. Plug and play.

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